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Women’s McKenzie Friend. Support through Court. Swindon, Salisbury and Oxford.

Women’s McKenzie Friend Blog is written by Mary Cosker. As a frustrated writer it affords me the opportunity to practice on you, the reader!

I believe the context of our lives is as integral to our world as any specifics – so my blog is more than just a legal reflection of Family Law. I cover issues that are prevelent in many family law cases such as Domestic Abuse, Coercive Control, child safeguarding, safety and risks to survivors of abuse, women’s experiences after navigating the family court process, human rights, health, trauma and social/political structures. My intention is to promote information, thought, discussion and reflection.

I will also post articles and commentory pieces related to law and case law. In my view this is key to understanding different perspectives and arguments: after all Law is nothing more than a perspective!

I will not post anything on my blog I deem to be defamatory. Information contained in this blog does not constitute legal advice. Any accuracy of law or facts cannot be ensured as they can become quickly obsolete. I will from time to time invite contributions from guest blogs for which I cannot be responsible, nor links to other sites that may be hyperlinked within any blog.

“A Word after a Word after a Word is power” Margaret Atwood