Women's McKenzie Friend.

Fee Structure

Fee Structure

I believe that support to you, as a litigant in person, should be affordable and proportionate and on that basis my fees are charged at an hourly rate in most situations as indicated below. All fees are exempt from VAT.

  • £45 per hour.
  • Pro-rata for part hour support.

This will cover a variety of support options including assistance with completing applications and statements; help with evidencing, reading through and analysis of any documents relevant to the court proceedings including discussions about and suggestions of response to other parties’ statements. It can cover emotional support, providing information and helping you to present your strongest case and include administration, phone calls and emails.

My pro-rata fees are proportionate according to your needs. If you require 15 minutes extra support within the service provision I will request pro-rata fees of 15 minutes and will not charge for a minimum of 30 minutes as some other providers require.

  • £60 for remote court hearings of one and a half hours.
  • For longer remote hearings that take over an hour and a half, I will request a further £45 on a pro-rata basis.

This will include pre-court preparation briefing and zoom/phone support during the hearing. I will reassure you, provide emotional support throughout the hearing and assist you in relaying the important information you want to present to the court to promote your case. Once the hearing has concluded I will guide and support you with any outcomes or any directions required of the court. (Support at all court hearings will require payment in advance 3 days prior to attendance. Please see full terms and conditions.)

At this present time most family court cases are heard remotely. McKenzie Friends can still support their clients via technology with an invite from the court judge.

Attendance at the courts of Swindon, Oxford and Salisbury will incur the following fees:

  • £125 for a half day
  • £185 for a full day
  • £20 per day travel expenses to all courts in the areas that I cover

In contacting me through phone, email, Skype or similar platform, you acknowledge having read these stated terms and conditions in relation to fees and you agree that this is the basis on which Women’s McKenzie Friend service provision is provided if you request assistance.