Economic/Financial abuse and your bank

If you’re facing economic abuse or living with its effects, your bank could be a key source of support. Please look through the Banking Support Directory to learn more about the support offered by major banks and building societies in the UK as provided by the wonderful organisation – “Surviving Economic Abuse”.   This directory […]

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Economic Abuse and Financial Proceedings.

Economic and Financial abuse is endemic within abusive relationships and a potent tool for perpetrators of abuse to underpin their power and control. It serves to ensure survivors of abuse and their children remain vulnerable, dependent, TRAPPED!!!! Legal proceedings are essential for victim-survivors to leave abusive partners and rebuild their lives independently.   There is real […]

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Basingstoke County Court and Family Court – McKenzie Friend

Preparing for and attending Basingstoke County and Family Court can be a daunting and stressful experience, especially if you are a survivor of domestic abuse, coercive control, post separation control, harassment and stalking. Women’s McKenzie Friend specialises in assisting women in child arrangements orders where there are safeguarding concerns. We understand risk, the dynamics of […]

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